TRR Columbia Chapter – David R.

TRR became a part of my recovery in 2018 through Kelly Schilling and Dara Boardman at the Columbia Missouri chapter.  Paddling has become a very important part of my health because the work it takes me to be able to paddle keeps me going when otherwise I normally stop.  I want to be on the river and that makes me want to do the work to get to the river.

As a 4th generation veteran, our family knows the importance of core family support. We have been there for each other through everything… and when we traverse a river with a band of TRR’-others that share our load and understand what it takes to get down a river of water we make the bonds that help us traverse the currents of pain, suffering and the trials it takes to get down this river of life.

I’ve been paddling with TRR for two years. I love being a part of this family and band of TRR’-others.
Thank you for all the work you do.