Lorraine McPhee Bruteig

Rocky Mountain Regional     Coordinator

Lorraine loves kayaking and loves TRR. She is a US Army veteran, mom of six kids, six grandkids & eight chickens. Lorraine is super happy to be living the best life in Colorado: hiking, paddling, gardening, traveling with husband Cary, and most importantly – sharing the sport & lots of TRR! 



Carlisle Landel

Western Regional     Coordinator


Carlisle has been paddling since the mid-1970s and instructing for nearly that long.  First involved with TRR as an occasional assistant at the Coatesville PA Chapter in 2011, he became joined the Palo Alto Chapter in 2017 after moving back to Santa Cruz California to care for his aging parents. A coordinator at Palo Alto since 2018, he is now also Coordinator of the Western Region.


The eldest of six siblings, Carlisle is terminally responsible.  The retired genetic engineer and university professor and ordained Dudeist knows entirely too much about too many things, and often is dubbed “River Siri” on multi-day trips.  Additionally, the Rev. Dr. Prof. Carlisle has represented the USA at the Surf Kayaking World Championships, is a reasonably talented photographer, and plays a mean blues harmonica. 



Ken Braband_Image14PScrop

Ken Braband

North Central Regional Coordinator

Ken is a retired freelance writer and ACA kayak instructor (L4 Whitewater Kayaking and L4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking). In 2011 he co-founded the Milwaukee TRR chapter and then the Green Bay TRR chapter in 2015. Each year he leads TRR sea kayak trips on the Great Lakes as well as dozens of whitewater day trips. Ken lives with his wife Mary outside of Green Bay, WI.  


Deborah Reyes

Deborah Reyes

South East Regional Coordinator

Deborah Reyes is a clinical psychologist with a diverse background of specializations including sexual and military trauma, head injuries, chronic pain, rehabilitation, mindfulness, and deafness. She comes from a large military family and has more than 12 years of experience working with veterans at a VA in Columbia, SC. She began paddling with a local TRR Chapter to encourage other veterans to try this new experience. Over the years, Deborah has developed her own paddling skills and become an ACA L3 whitewater kayak instructor. She has served as the Chapter Coordinator for Columbia, SC and is now the regional coordinator for seven states in the southeast.    



Bob Tracy

Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator

My involvement with TRR began on a chance encounter with Dave Robey when we met kayaking the Staircase run on the Payette. I told him I had recently retired and was looking for a way to volunteer to help others. He said he had a deal for me, to set up an Idaho TRR Chapter. In the six years since I agree to be Boise Chapter Coordinator, our fabulous community of vets and volunteers have worked alongside me to build a great program.




charlie staff

Charlie Duffy

Mid Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Charlie Duffy has been a paddler since 1979 and is TRR’s Safety Coordinator.  He is a Red Cross First Aid &CPR/AED Instructor, an ACA Level 4 SWR & Kayak Instructor, a former ACA SWR IT, former ACA SEI Executive Committee Member and former ACA SWR Committee Member.  He is an instructor and Chair of the Canoe Cruisers Association, lead instructor for the TRR Fort Belvoir Chapter, and former instructor and Chair of the Greater Baltimore Canoe Club.



Debbie Dean


Regional Coordinator

I served in both the US Army and the US Air Force as an Accountant, Military Police Squad Leader and Base Operations Technician. I loved all my jobs and  I would have stayed in forever.  Unfortunately I was med boarded out due to my TBI.  I reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, home of the man made Riversport OKC Water ParK.  We have to go out of state to hit some decent rivers to paddle on and even those are rain dependent, so having the park here is a blessing.  Water therapy was an important part in my recovery.   Team River Runner has given me a new sense of purpose and the camaraderie is a blessing.  I so enjoy teaching Vets and their family members paddling skills and taking them on lakes and rivers and scheduled camping trips.  It is my pleasure to help the National Chapter in it’s mission to get butts in boats.