2021 TRR Biathlon – Sharon G.

Meeting strangers for the first time but already knowing them was only the beginning of the Team River Runner experience this weekend. 

Some are young, some are older but young at heart, and some live their lives with such a commitment that it is every breath they take and every heartbeat. 

Some are experienced, some are not! Some can’t see, some are amputees!  They are dedicated and they Motivated each of us, but something was missing from our regular day to day….people looking at us and saying oh you poor blind soul you must live a miserable life of not being able to see!  Or whatever the disability, we are judged by that everyday. 

Stereotypes and misconceptions, are the beginning and prejudice and inequality become norm, but something this weekend was different!

They see the inner warrior in each of us that they touched.  They find those secret places that some of us thought was dead!  They renewed the spirit and healed the mind, all by giving their all ….and guess what…we all had a ball. 

The motto, the river to recovery that TRR touts, made us each want to shout!  

We leave the weekend looking back on the things we accomplished because of your support. Thank you to all the staff, volunteers and families for sharing the weekend with us!  

But look out I’ll be back next year!  

Thank you Joe for your dream and execution!  You make miracles happen everyday!  It’s almost as if the water washes away all the things, no matter the stories, no matter the tragedies you are just a paddler enjoying the wonder of the rush.