Key Largo Outtasight Clinic – Rick Cassidy

Key Largo outtasight clinic is special to me because that is where kayaking began for me in 2015 and I always look forward to going back. Itt’s more than just kayaking for me, it is  an opportunity to meet and hang out with other visually impaired veterans like myself who have a sense of adventure and sitting at home listening to tv just isn’t enough. I enjoy being around these veterans. They have a positive outlook and it’s nice to be able to share our stories of coping with blindness, plus giving advice to those who may need it. Being legally blind can get you down from time to time and events like the outtasight clinic is just what the doctor ordered, for me anyway.

– Rick Cassidy 

Vanessa Jones

Committe Co-Chair

Vanessa A. Jones is a dynamic force dedicated to fostering
inclusivity, encouraging discussion, and promoting a culture of
belonging in the outdoor sports community. Hailing from
Washington, DC, she brings a wealth of diverse experiences and
perspectives to her endeavors.
As a US Army veteran and ordained Chaplain with a focus on
seniors and caretakers, Vanessa is deeply committed to serving
others. Her work as a patient-caretaker advocate reflects her
passion for supporting vulnerable populations and ensuring their
voices are heard.
Currently, Vanessa is employed by a resettlement agency, where
she confronts challenges head-on with resilience and
compassion. As a single, Black woman veteran, she embraces
the unique hurdles she faces, viewing them as opportunities for
growth and empowerment.
In her downtime, she wears many hats, including that of a
missionary, spreading hope and positivity wherever she goes.
Weekends are spent paddling, immersing herself in West African
dance and finding solace and joy in nature’s embrace.
Vanessa is committed to equitable principles, ensuring that
everyone’s opinions are valued and heard. Through her
unwavering dedication and inclusive leadership, Vanessa is
paving the way for a more equitable and diverse outdoor sports