Keith Deutsch

I joined the Army shortly after 9/11. I first met Joe Mornini (TRR Director) when he came to Colorado to host a clinic a couple of years ago. He introduced me to white water and I was hooked immediately. Kayaking is not something that you can do alone. I like to compare the sport of white water boating to actual combat. In both situations, we rely heavily on those around us. In the Army, your squad is your family. Similarly, on the river one might lose their mind and succumb to the raw power of the river. At this point, it is necessary for someone to save your life…hopefully a competent someone. Just like on the battle field. In both situations there is zero room for error. The equipment is expensive to lose and lives are impossible to replace.

We are still losing near 20 soldiers a month in Colorado to beer, video games and suicide. I KNOW introducing these heros to nature works. I don’t know how but it makes us better. This is important work, and it is something that they will come back for. Next season in Denver I want to get five people certified as instructors. These five instructors will be asked to reach out to five more returning veterans. Together we will serve the mission of Team River Runner – Promoting Health and Healing through white water boating.