A Paddle To Remember Recap

A Paddle To Remember Recap

Team River Runner serves veterans of all eras and these veterans seek out TRR for many reasons. Some pick up a paddle to re-live the rush of adrenaline they felt in the service. Some come to us to rehab injuries or get back in shape. Many of our veterans share one specific reason for seeking us out, the camaraderie they miss from their time in the military and as a place of healing for the memory of their peers that did not come home. Healing these wounds is a huge part of our program and that’s why we decided to hold a “Paddle to Remember.” 

Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made by men and women in service to our country. To honor this sacrifice, TRR Chapters all over the country came together the weekend before Memorial day on the water to paddle. 

Every Day. Every Paddlestroke. We Remember. 

We wanted to share photos from this special event with our community of supporters. 

Team River Runner Lexington, KY

Team River Runner Northeast Ohio

Team River Runner Lehigh Valley


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