Meet Craig Larcenaire

Craig Larcenaire

Grand Canyon Outtasight Guide

About Craig

I started boating with Team River Runner in 2008, while I was a patient at the Walter Reed Army Medical hospital. While serving in the Air Force, I was involved in an off-duty accident that severely injured my leg. The doctors told me they did not believe I would walk out of the hospital with my leg. However, with the incredible work of the Orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists at WRAMC, I was able to keep it. I also attribute much of my rehabilitation with my time on the river with TRR, there is nothing better for the mind and body than to be out on the healing waters!

Craig's thoughts on the trip!

 This will be my third trip down the mighty Colorado River, but my first time guiding a blind paddler on class IV whitewater. I have led my partner, Travis Fugate, on the Potomac River, where we practiced play-boating on the Maryland Chute. This was my first time paddling with Travis and was impressed on how much confidence he has on the river.  I am very excited to lead Travis down the Grand Canyon but feel sorry that he has to listen to me talk the whole way down. I will start to think of some good jokes to tell while we paddle so he doesn’t have to hear “ON ME!” the entire way. 

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