Meet Chip Sell

Chip Sell

Grand Canyon Outtasight Safety Boater

About Chip

Chip is an ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructor, is certified in First Aid, CPR and Swift Water rescue and has practical experience in each discipline.

Like many Team River Runner paddlers, Chip began as a participant. He quickly graduated to the role of instructor and guide. Team River Runner played a major role in his transition out of the US ARMY after he was wounded. Paddling with other veterans Chip has been able to further develop his skills, and has used them to help others outside the Team River Runner community.

Chip is proud to have served multiple Team River Runner chapters, and especially enjoys training clinics where he has had a chance to meet veterans from all over the country. Chip has helped with the Montana Outta Sight clinics, as well as many regional and national training events.

Chip's thoughts On the trip!

Chip is extremely grateful for this opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with fellow veterans. This will be his 4th trip kayaking the Grand Canyon with Team River Runner. Kayaking the Grand Canyon is one of the most complete wilderness experiences a person can have.

Chip has seen first-hand the healing effects that this trip can provide for veterans with all kinds of disabilities. Paddlers must dig deep; the distance of the trip can challenge even the most experienced kayakers.

Chip believes, “You get out of the trip what you put into it.” Kayaking the Grand Canyon can be a transformational experience where you can develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s up to you!

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