Women’s Leadership Clinic – Vivian Synder

I cant say enough about the leadership rafting event this May (2018).  When I found out that a spot opened up for me I was overwhelmed with feeling blessed and excited and it outdid my deepest emotions.  It was so very well organized and ran without a hitch.  It was so much more than a rafting trip.  We had time to get to know each other and support each other and offer guidance and good ideas to run our lives with.  I felt safe at every moment and every moment was a valuable live changing time.  We had new leadership techniques to contmplate and share our ideas on each and every day.  The feeling I had while on the trip was pure happiness, peace and joy.  I felt so relaxed and mellow and ready to take on life with a new perspective.  During the trip I pondered a lot about a recent attack I suffered.  I tried not to i tried to be exactly in the moment and memorize the river, but it wasnt meant to be.  But when I tossed my torn shorts and ripped blouse into the trash at the end i also left with them the agony of those memories.  The trip enabled me to bring that mellow ready to rejoin the world of the living and to begin a new life afresh.  Living now moment by moment, after processing those thoughts i am able to rejoin the world of the living in a new way filled with hope and endurance.  I am now up off the couch, no more rumenating and no more “bingeing” on netflix, im back to living thanks to the trip.  I really felt from the leaders and guides love and careing and they renewed my hope in human kind and in myself.  What a SPECIAL group of women.  Thanks Rachael for making this VERY SPECIAL time available to me, Ill never forget that River Feeling.
Very Sincerely, Vivian