Looking to get a feel for our organization? Look no further than our photos and videos to see us in action. We love to showcase the great work we have accomplished with help from every participant, volunteer, donor, and sponsor. Thank you to all those who have taken the time to make neat videos and photograph our events. We hope you understand a bit more of our story by checking out our photo and video gallery.

2016 12th Annual DC Biathlon

Photos by: Michael Barsky


2016 Women’s Leadership Clinic

2016 Walter Reed Kayak Football Tournament

2016 Key largo Outtasight Clinic

11th Annual DC Biathlon

Photos by Veera Photography

2015 Boat launch & Sponsor Luncheon

2015 SE Rendezvous & Outtasight Clinic

Photos taken by Janet Everhard

First Annual Veterans Kayak Football HOF Challenge- Canton,OH


2015 Adaptive Paddling Conference

2015  Lower Youghiogheny Whitewater trip

 2015 Women’s Trip

2015 Colorado Biathlon