Travis Fugate

Grand Canyon Outtasight Blind Paddler

About Travis

After losing my vision I thought that extreme sports were over for me. In 2008, When the VA mentioned a kayaking opportunity to kayak through a partnership with TRR I jumped right in.  As I moved around the country chasing educational and personal development goals the TRR national program always seemed to be near. 

Every year I had an opportunity to break away and team up with other vets for some paddling.  Finally, I have a chance to commit to some serious training and taste extreme sports again! Every time I spend a week kayaking my confidence grows.  It isn’t just
my confidence in kayaking but my confidence in myself to face the
challenges of everyday life as a person with a disability. 

The turbulent waters of the river can not be controlled yet I engage them with my boat and paddle.  At the rivers end I take out and carry a new confidence with me back to work, back to school, back to my relationships, back to my life.

Travis' thoughts on the trip!

The canyon is the ultimate challenge for a blind kayaker.  Some days it seems that every step that I take is slowed by a hesitation. For two weeks in 2018 my hesitation will have to be removed. For a lifetime after the canyon and for the rest of my life I will reflect on the benefit
of the commitment, the fight and the celebration of success!