Steve Baskis

Grand Canyon Outtasight Paddler

About Steve

Specialist Steven C. Baskis successfully completed Infantry training at Fort Benning, Georgia in 2007 and went on to deploy with The US Army’s distinguished 4th Infantry Division, a unit that crossed the Normandy beaches in World War II. While serving as a Personal Security Specialist in 2008, Specialist Baskis was severely wounded by an improvised explosive device during military operations in Baghdad, Iraq. May 13th, 2008 marked the day in which Baskis lost his sight and suffered multiple shrapnel injuries to the head, neck, arms and legs which resulted in significant blood loss, hearing loss, loss of smell and nerve damage to left arm. Steve explains how this traumatic experience has forever changed his sight and vision. “I may have lost my physical ability to see, but I have a new vision, a new perspective to guide me through life and all of it’s amazing challenges.

After war and debilitating injuries, Steve has gone on to climb 2 of the 7 tallest mountains in the world which include Mount Elbrus in Europe and Kilimanjaro in Africa. A documentary titled “High Ground”, captures Steve and 11 veterans amazing journey to climb a 20,000 foot Himalayan peak in the shadow of Mount Everest. Another documentary Steve had the opportunity to be featured in just release to the public for free called “On Me”, follows five completely blind veterans down a stretch of white water river rapids in Montana. Baskis has found a love for adventure and physical challenge, actively pursuing half marathons, a half ironman, cycling 800 miles from the capital of Canada to the capital of The United States, snow skiing down cold mountains in Colorado and white water kayaking down the Yellowstone river, are just a few of Steve’s thrilling adventures.

Steve's thoughts on the trip!

“The upcoming white water adventure down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon will test my mind & body. I look forward to being part of this team and hope to make people more aware of what is possible.”