Kathy Champion

Blind Veteran

What was your paddling experience before Grand Canyon Training?

I would be considered a novice at kayaking. I have been kayaking only two full years and this is the start of my third year. I have been on Class I, II, and III rivers around the United States. Each time I have had new guides and learned more techniques to succeed on my river adventures. I finally have a decent roll down and will continue to practice my roll. My goal is to remain calm when I am upside down.

Favorite Part about Kayaking?

My favorite part of kayaking is the interaction of people and the river’s constant change. It is always exciting to see how we as a team mold and enjoy the rivers before us. I love the freedom and the way people want to see VI/Blind people succeed on this adventure. I like the fact that when I am on the water I am in control of the boat and the waves tell me what to do on the journey down.

What are you looking forward to about the Grand Canyon Trip?

I am blessed to have this opportunity to go with Team River Runner on this adventure. I could never imagine a trip of this magnitude on my horizon. I am excited and nervous all in one. I am looking forward to enjoying the adventure with my fellow blind friends and seeing how they see and react to the ever changing river. We are being given an opportunity most blind people would shy away from in a heartbeat, but now us.