Grand Canyon Adventure trip

In September 2018, Team River Runner will be sending 5 visually impaired veterans and their 15 safety guides on an incredible, first of its kind, adventure down the Grand Canyon! We guided Lonnie Bedwell down these rapids in 2013 making him the first blind kayaker to paddle all 226 miles.  Lonnie is back for more and this year he is leading the charge. Lonnie wants to share this life changing experience with his fellow blind and visually impaired veterans. Follow the fun as the self titled ‘Vision Team’ train their way across the Country culminating in their final Grand adventure

Meet the Outtasight Paddlers!

In the months leading up the the trip, this group of paddlers will be training hard in the necessary skills to make a successful Grand Canyon run. Click on the profiles below to learn more about the paddlers and the progress they are making at each of our clinics!

Outtasight Guides!

These veterans and volunteers will be the eyes for our blind and visually impaired paddlers. They guide the Outtasight paddlers by voice and are training alongside them!

Seth Dahl

Eric Guzman

Safety Boaters

In The News

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Mike Plourde

Timmy O'Neill

The Action

Our Outtasight Clinics have been around since 2014 and we’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing footage shot of our training. Check out this video that Seth Dahl created this year about our Vision team!

“Paddling the Grand Canyon with TRR was such a powerful moment to know, this is possible. To know that I don’t have to be defined by this box that people put me in as a blind person. I can dream beyond this box. It just truly makes you believe in yourself and the power of what you can do.”

Lonnie Bedwell

Thank you to our sponsors!

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