2021 Memorial Day Paddle





Share this page to get donations for your chapter! On the donation page, you can select the chapter the donation is targeted for and we will keep track of totals this way. 

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We, as in the past, want to recognize Memorial Day and the significance of the day.  We are encouraging / asking all chapters to hold a paddle session in some manner, keeping safe for all. We are getting a handle on this but we may not all be safe by Memorial Day. 

Due to Covid-19, this has been a tough year for Team River Runner as an organization, and for many of our veterans and volunteers.  Some became victims of the disease, becoming very sick,  and some of our family have perished.  And many more have suffered from inactivity and social isolation. Hopefully this is about to change. In addition, much of our donations have dried up, affecting our ability to fund both local and national programs and events as fully as we’d hoped. 

As part of the Memorial Day Paddle we are asking chapters to raise funds to go directly into our Regional Paddle Events fund.  We have three goals for this: 

Honor those who have given all and gone before us.

Do so in a way that is active and promotes health for our participants.

Raise $20,000 to go into the regional clinic fund line so we can do more events!


You may engage in any type of activity for this week long event, it doesn’t need to be kayaking! You could swimming or go for a run, walk or any other activity that you would like to do!

We have set up a spreadsheet for you to easily track your activities. You will be able to see what other people are doing during this week long event and we are able to track participation of chapters!


TRR will be awarding chapters who raise the most funds money to go towards their chapter for future paddling activities!

We have split up the prizes into 3 tiers below:

First- $1000

Second – $750

Third – $500

And  to the two chapters that get the most veterans out on the water  we will credit your chapter account $200. 

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