Tennessee – Chattanooga

TRR Chattanooga

We are always looking for new members, no matter what your skill level is. We do a variety of sessions and trips, both flatwater and whitewater. We try and mix up our locations monthly to experience new things and gain better skills.

Email us at mtbrickey@chattanooga.gov to get on the contact list so you can stay informed about upcoming sessions, trips and locations.

During the upcoming winter months, we plan to host a couple of clinics that will entail a variety of opportunities to generate interest and set new goals for our chapter. If you are interested in coming out and giving it a try, please sign up via the contact information below. We will then contact you with further details once they are finalized!

Location Changes Each month


Elaine Adams
423-643-6607 (office)
423-643-6601 (fax)

Whitewater coordinator

Jerry Huggins

Michelle Brickey
423-643-6606 (office)
423-643-6601 (fax)